Having spent years in the futures industry we understand the ever changing issues that are facing all facets of the trading industry concerning technology. While technology can be expensive it can also save time, increase productivity, protect against fines as losses as well. Knowing the tools that are needed from small CTA’s to FCM’s in regards to technology we have put together several bundles that can cover your Email & Retention , Backup & Recovery, Phone & Call Retention, Endpoint Security, Network Security and much more.¬†
Additionally we work with partner companies who specialize in compliance for trading firms and can help with the legal aspects of compliance  such as writing Cybersecurity policies for regulators. Additionally working with Cybersecurity Advisers who have years of experience in the industry and can help create policies and best practices as well as training.


  • Good for very small shops with basic needs


  • A little more advanced security


  • Medium to larger org or need of enhanced security